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In general, we limit numbers to a maximum of six clients, with one Fly&Film Tours expert drone pilot and one local guide / professional photographer leading each trip.

For international tours where transfers are included, we will recommend a flight once the tour is viable. This will be the flight that the tour leaders will meet the group from at the airport. If the departure airport does not match your location, please arrange a flight that arrives at the same time at the destination airport or earlier so that you can take the transfer with the leaders. You will be returned to the airport for the recommended flight on the final day.

We set out on each tour description page exactly what is and isn’t included in the price. Please be aware that alcoholic drinks and telephone calls from your hotel room are not included.

Yes. Just let us know your requirements and we will pass them on to the hotel where you are staying.

We welcome partners on all our trips. We charge a discounted rate for clients who are not participating in the drone flying side of the tour. Please contact the office about this.

We have to wait for every tour or workshop to reach the viable number before confirming the tour will take place. You will be notified when the tour is viable and at this stage, you will need to arrange your travel.

We will notify you 12 weeks before a tour is due to take place if it is not viable, for one-day workshops we will notify 6 weeks before. You will have the choice of a full refund or to book onto another tour or workshop.

Each tour and workshop differs, please check the tour description or email the office for specific info.

No you don’t.  You are welcome to hire one of our DJI drones for the trip. Please email the office with any queries before that time.

We have trips to cater for every level of pilot, from complete beginner to accomplished expert.  Whatever level you are at when you arrive, you will go home a far better, more expert, pilot. Every tour is marked with a ‘level’ that indicates the experience of the drone pilot. Please check this in the overview tab for individual tours.

No, unless stated otherwise in the tour description. The majority of our tours are on a single occupancy basis.

Check your spam email box as often the activation email appears here. If you do not receive anything, please email the office and they will activate your account.

Click on the ‘lost your password?’ link on the my-account page and then check your email account registered with us to reset your password.

The client area is found by clinking the CLIENT LOGIN link at the top left of this page. This will take you to your client area.

We prefer bookings to come via the website as we have an integrated booking system that will alert you to important emails regarding your booking. If you are having difficulty doing this, then please call the office for advice.

The balance for tours is due 12 weeks before a tour is due to run. You will be notified of this by email. You can pay your balance and check the amount at any time by logging into your client area.

Please contact the office for our bank account details. We will check the payment has been made and manually update your client area to reflect this.

No. Fly&Film Tour clients have traveled to over 50 countries in the last three years with their drones.  And we have not heard of any having a serious problem.  Every person who has come on holiday with us to date has passed through customs and security without incident in both directions.

If at all possible, bring it as hand luggage. So certainly with the Mavic, and almost always with the Phantom, our advice is to bring it hand luggage.  If you have an Inspire 1 or 2, then you are going to have to put it in the hold.  Either invest in a lockable flight-case or wrap the DJI case repeatedly in clingfilm to protect it from enquiring eyes.

On most days the aim is to fly four batteries.  So you should aim to bring four batteries with you.  If you have fewer than this, then we have charging facilities for batteries in the van, for the times when we do not revisit the hotel in the middle of the day.

The answer is anywhere from “as many as you want” to “a maximum of five” (one in the drone and four in hand luggage).  It depends on which airline you are with.  Since you only need four, the number you are limited to by the airline should not be an issue.

As many as you would like to.  The record so far is three: A Spark; A Mavic Pro; and an Inspire 2.

If you have a medical condition that may mean you require assistance during the trip, please tell us at the time of booking.  We will do our best to support and accommodate anyone who wishes to come on one of our trips.  But we reserve the right to refuse to take someone if we consider their condition may put themselves or others at risk during the trip.

You don’t need to bring a laptop or MacBook with you. But if you want to review your photos and videos during the trip, and get the most out of the sessions on photo and video editing, then it certainly helps.

Yes you can, so long as you have a card reader that will allow you to transfer the data on your MicroSD card onto the iPad or tablet.

Flying over 1,000 batteries with clients in Spain, France and Tenerife in the last two years, we have only had two accidents.  One caused by human error, the other by the failure of a propeller on an older Phantom 3.  So it is very unlikely that anything untoward will happen to your drone.  But if the worst does happen, then you will be able to hire one of our DJI drones for the remainder of the trip.

We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance to guard against this hazard.  Please read the Fly&Film Tours booking terms & conditions for more details.

We recommend that you join the BMFA, in order to benefit from their world-wide public liability cover. We also recommend that you insure your drone against accidental damage. Either by listing it on your household insurance or by insuring it with a photographic insurer such as Photoguard. Also full comprehensive travel insurance.

We’ll send you a full list of things to think about packing when you book your tour. But here are the main things you should bring:

  • Your drone, transmitter, and display device
  • At least three batteries, and a battery charger
  • Filters (the sunlight is bright where we go)
  • Monitor hood
  • Spare MicroSD cards
  • Laptop or MacBook (not essential)
  • Comfortable clothing and footwear for walking
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